Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Travelling Abroad

If you are planning to travel abroad, there are some common mistakes that you should be aware of. These mistakes could cause you minor inconvenience or have devastating effects, so it’s always better to be prepared. Whether you are an experienced world traveller or venturing outside of your country for the first time, this information can be of great help.

Packing Too Much

It can be tempting to pack too much in an effort to be prepared, but it can also cost you a lot. If you want to avoid spending more than you have to on baggage fees, it’s important to be a shrewd packer. You can bring a few things you might need just in case, but don’t go overboard. The lighter you pack, the less you will pay. Ask yourself if you really need all those extra clothes or other items before putting them in your suitcase.

Not Paying for Breakdown Cover

If you are going to travel outside of the UK in Europe, you should definitely consider opting for European breakdown cover for your car or van. This type of cover will provide you with towing and other services if your vehicle breaks down during your trip. It can save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds, depending on the situation. If your current policy doesn’t cover going outside of the UK, you can pay to get cover for the duration of your trip.

When you have breakdown cover, you won’t have to worry about finding a local garage and paying a ridiculous amount for towing. All you have to do is simply call your provider to have a professional sent out to your broken down vehicle. You can get a tow to the nearest garage if the problem cannot be fixed on the roadside.

Not Exchanging Currency Before You Leave

If you wait until you have arrived at your destination to exchange your currency, you will end up paying some very hefty fees. It’s always a good idea to do this at your bank or at the airport so you can save as much money as possible. It’s fine to use your credit card on your trip, but you should have at least a little bit of cash on hand at any given time.

Not Checking Visa Requirements

There is nothing worse than being held up at a checkpoint in another country because you failed to check the visa requirements. You should always make a point of going online to check the visa requirements for wherever you are travelling to. This doesn’t take long and it can save you a lot of aggravation later on.

Planning too Much

It’s always good to have a basic plan when you are travelling to another country, but your schedule shouldn’t be too rigid. If you really want to make the most of your holiday, you should leave some room for improvisation. The last thing you want to do is to limit your opportunities for fun and adventure. Open yourself up to spontaneous activities that could really add to your overall experience abroad.

Not Safeguarding Your Possessions

You should always be on guard when it comes to keeping your valuables safe. Whether it is your wallet or other important items, you need to be on alert at all times. If the hotel room you are staying at has a safe, you should put any valuable items in it while you are out and about. Always keep your wallet and passport in your front pocket to avoid getting it stolen. A lot of countries are packed with people who are looking for careless tourists to pickpocket.

Relying Entirely on Guidebooks

While guidebooks can be useful for those who are travelling abroad, you shouldn’t rely on them too heavily. It is important to immerse yourself in the culture and go off the beaten path a little bit. There are going to be a lot of fun and interesting things to see and do that won’t be in your guidebook.

Getting Careless with Money

It is important that you establish a clear spending limit for your trip and stick to it. Keep close track of the money you are spending so you don’t go over your budget. This can be very easy to do when you are caught up in all the fun and excitement, but you’ll pay for it later.

Final Thoughts

Travelling abroad can be a lot of fun, but you will need to avoid making some simple but terrible mistakes that could land you in big trouble. The more aware you are of these things, the less likely you will be to do something dumb. If you want your holiday to go as smoothly as possible, it is crucial that you follow each of the above listed tips.

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